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  3. Wednesday, 18 July 2018
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This one is titled "Brave Vesperia". I added part 1 because this is not complete. Unfortunately, I lacked proper backdrop to add more characters.

I've been looking for backdrops I want and have located a few but some of them are from China and I reckon ETA will be weeks if not over a month. I had to question its quality but there were little choices on my part as professional backdrops were so freaking large and expensive. I just needed small ones.


Making the figures stand on their feet was an ordeal by itself as well. I am using fake grass mat to emulate the ground and the dragon figurine is from Schleich. Because the backdrop was limiting my angle, I just couldn't get the scenery I had in my mind. I also need more props to populate the scene.

Overall, I will be revisiting this project in near future.


I am a big fan of Tales of Vesperia and it is probably the only Tales game I've come to replay more than once. The reason is pretty simple for me. It is due to Yuri Lowell. I believe he is the only Tales character whose moral compass is not fixed in stone. Velvet from Tales of Berseria is somewhat similar but not quite the same. Additionally, Yuri Lowell feels a lot more real because he has no special powers and circumstances.

He is just a normal guy who grew up and watched what he felt like injustice occurring all over around him. Unlike his close pal, Flynn, he chose to take matters into his own hands, even willing to commit cold murder to achieve justice he wants.

And then there are Rita and Raven... Overall, I still own Xbox 360 just for Vesperia.
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