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  3. Wednesday, 18 July 2018
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This is Brave Vesperia part 2, continued from part 1.

I am pleased to say that I feel this was success. I was able to add all figures I wanted. For you to better understand the scene above, imagine: Yuri and Co are wandering around on a plain when a wyvern appears out of nowhere. The difference between a dragon and a wyvern is number of legs. A dragon has four legs whereas a wyvern has two.

Karol panicks as usual whereas Rita and Repede are eager to fight. Meanwhile, Yuri, Estelle, and Raven are having a casual conversation of how troubles always find them no matter where they go.

That was a scene I wanted to create.


The only issue I had while taking the photo was making the figures stand long enough to take the picture. Repede, Karol, and Raven were stable, but Yuri, Estelle, and Rita weren't. Because of the uneven surface due to plastic grass strands, it was really hit or miss to make them stand. Even if I somehow made them stand, they wouldn't stand for too long and I had to be quick on taking photos.

Overall, these Vesperia coin-grade trading figures are quite well done. Even poses of the figures get along really well. The same cannot be said for Abyss coin-grade figure set which I am currently in progress of collecting.

Well, see you around.
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