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  3. Thursday, 19 July 2018
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Gintama has a knock for breaking 4th wall like it's an everyday routine. It's comical most of times, but when it gets serious, it does get serious. And when it gets sad, it's heart-breakingly sad.


Collecting Gintama figures has been a pleasure for one aspect: It has a healthy ratio between males figures and female figures. This is actually quite rare. Not many series get as many male figures produced as female figures.

It is probably just me, because I see many collecting just female figures, but I find that female figures shine more alongside of their male counterparts. I appreciate their curves more when around males.
Again, it's just me, probably.



There are two versions of Kagura figures in this and the 2-year later version is one I dislike. Her boobs are exaggerated and her facial sculpt is wrong. That's one figure I regret getting in this collection.

On the other hand, Souko (female version of Sougo) is very nice. I mention these two because these two are recent additions by Mengahouse GEM.


Hijikata by Megahouse you see above is probably one of the coolest male figures I've in my possession. Quality is top notch as well.


I began Gintama collection with cheap figures by Banpresto. This was about about 2 years ago when I had very little knowledge in figure world. Figures that cost over 100 bucks seemed ridiculous to me at that time. Well, long story short, I started to notice the quality gap between quality scale figures from cheap ones and began collecting more expensive ones in the end.

Though I still do cringe at figures that cost like 200 bucks.

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