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  3. Wednesday, 19 September 2018
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This is my God Eater collection. I consider this complete despite a fact that Livie Collete is missing.

It's due to her scale being way, waaaaay off, from the rest. She is a giant figure and she just won't fit with the rest. Therefore, I chose to drop her entirely.

The first figure I got was Cannon because she was the favorite character in God Eater series for me. I played the PSP game and favored her ever since.

The second figure I got was Julius because he was on a mega sale on Amazon. This was how I decided to collect the entire cast.

The third was Lindow at which point I realized Ciel's price was going haywire due to supply & demand. Thankfully, I was able to acquire her at a decent price of 250CAD brand new which I consider very lucky. Secondhand is going for 350ish now.

Alisa was the last one I got due to the sheer amount of different versions of her available.

Plum made 2. GSC made 2. Alphamax made a borderline naked Alisa. Those I mentioned are 1/8 scales ones. And there are more, 1/4 scale bunny version, action figures, trading figures, and then big dolls...

What I am trying to say is that it took me months to finally decide.



To be honest, I am not entirely happy with this collection due to harem element. I mean there are only two guys here. I really, really, wanted Soma or at least Lenka.

Hopefully, God Eater 3 will bring more male figures? Probably not.
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