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  3. Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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So, this is my complete collection of Tales of Abyss figures in both scale & trading. When I say "complete", it means all trading figures and a scale figure for each character. It doesn't mean I collected all available figures out there.

Originally, I intended to collect only trading figures because I didn't like the fact that there were only three scale figures for it. In the end though, I guess it was inevitable that I'd go for it.

All of these figures were produced in late 2000 and all of them are 10+ years old at this point.


The trading figures were easy to collect. A Japanese seller on Ebay was selling most of the collection. I acquired Luke, Tear, Guy, and Anise from him at 15USD. Another Japanese seller was selling Jake and Ion at 15 USD also. Somehow though, collecting Natalia completely slipped out of my mind and she was the last one to collect from a Canadian Ebay seller.


The trading figures, all of them, have some sort of paint residue on its surface that's fairly sticky. It's some sort of oil. You can tell this by how reflective they are to camera light sources. I have read that this is due to how paint was mixed and how many years passed since its production. Do note that these were made by Kotobukiya. I've yet to see this on other figures I own. Even Tales of Abyss scale Tear & Natalia figures aren't sticky.

Therefore, I am leaning toward the paint mixture theory.


The quality of trading figures are acceptable. I sort of wish that the five God-generals existed as trading figures as well though. But this is good enough.

Meanwhile, collecting scale figures was a nightmare for me in planning stage. This was due to two factors.

One, when I looked at Luke by Alter and looked at Tear by Kotobukiya and Milestone, they didn't go well pose wise and scale wise. Due to Alter Luke's somewhat dynamic swing pose, the whole scenery wasn't working in my head. It was when I came to realized that there were Luke figures by Banpresto under Ichiban Kuji name, it started to make sense in my head.

Two, I was really debating hard on which Tear figure to acquire. Quality of Kotobukiya was interior than Milestone but Kotobukiya figure was 1/8 scale whereas Milestone one was 1/7 scale. Scaling really matters when you are trying to create balanced display. If I chose Alter Luke, I would have probably chosen Milestone Tear because it wasn't working out anyway with Alter Luke, so I would have chosen a better quality Tear.

However, since I chose Banpresto Luke, I chose Kotobukiya Tear for better overall display.

Look below.


The scale fits. The poses fit. I am overall happy with the collection. With this complete, I now have completed Tales of Abyss & Vesperia collections.

Of course, I have Tales of Zestiria and Berseria in progress of collecting. I need to get Edna and Eizen. Eizen is coming out in March 2019. Edna is also getting a re-run, so I've pre-ordered both. I do have a choice of getting first-run Edna but I really don't see the point of it, so I am waiting for the re-run.

See you around.

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