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Gintama Kagura 2 years later

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This is Kagura from Gintama 2 years later version.

I have ... a fair bit to say about this figure.Before going into that, allow me to show you the original drawing of what inspired this figure.

First of all, the figure quality itself is alright, but her face seems to be (way) off. Her face seems too mellow. Her expression was supposed to be sharper.

Secondly, her breast size has been way too exaggerated. These two alone are perhaps enough to make you stay away from this figure.

Aside from those two issues, there are more.

This figure is cast off. Her lower part of clothes can be taken off. That itself is fine. But it's not easy to take it off and, for me, I managed to make a deep scratch right above her navel while attempting to do so. To make it worse, its red paint got into the scratch and it has been not possible to erase it. Residue of the red paint is also left on her butt as well. Megahouse should have paid more attention on the interior of her skirt-like clothing. They certainly have the experience to prevent these unfortunate events. They make adult figures after all.

Her umbrella is not as high quality as before in addition.

Overall, I don't feel this figure is worth the original price (10,000yen). If you can get it at a bargain, perhaps.

Anyhow, look below for more photos.






Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse G.E.M. series
  • Height (cm): 20
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