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God Eater Lindow Amamiya

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This figure is Lindow Amamiya from God Eater. This figure is, so far as of March 14 2018, my most expensive acquisition. He cost me 176USD. And it's not just the price that amuses me. The sheer size of the figure amuses me both positively and negatively.

Before making the review, I'd like to mention that the cigarette is not a part of the figure. The cigarette comes from Gintama Hijikata figure. The box came with 2 cigarettes and I decided to use one on him since, after all, Lindow is a heavy smoker. I am not sure why they didn't include it.

Lindow Amamiya first appears in the very first God Eater game for PSP. He has a very easy going personality on surface and is a big brother figure for many fellow God eaters. Without spoiling too much, his disappearance unsettles a lot of fellow God eaters in the game. He is a likable character overall.



This figure is ... impressive. It is of 1/8 scale and the figure's height is 23cm. Additionally his God arc is 30cm. When both are combined, the whole setup takes up a considerable amount of space. The figure quality is very high with no clear faults I can see. However, his head appears to be a little small compared to his massive body. You won't notice it too much however.

The God arc is dangerously sharp. Handle the blade part with caution. His giant God arc has an excellent quality to it. No visible seams and painting faults can be seen. There are few slightly off painting lines but those can be forgiven. As far as I can see, his God arc is one of the largest in God Eater figures. The longest God arc falls to Erina Der Vogelweide's which is a spear type.

The box also provides accessories to be able to display Lindow's God arc only. I don't see a point in that however.

Do I recommend this figure? Well, it IS impressive but I feel the price tag is a bit steep. If you are collecting God Eater figures, I am afraid you don't have a choice because Lindow is a must-get for God Eater collection.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Broccoli
  • Height (cm): 23
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