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God Eater Julius Visconti

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This is Julius Visconti from God Eater 2, and this is my first figure from Phat company. This is also my first God Eater figure.

I've always been a fan of God Eater 1. Liked God Eater 2 less but still found it okay. God Eater anime was so-so.

I've shied from collecting God Eater figures for a single reason: Their Godforshakenly large weapon which makes figures unnecessarily large. But Julius' weapon is "normal" size and it was on sale, so I decided to go for him.


The quality of the figure is high. I do see some faults and his hair is a little weird but overall this figure is of exceptional quality. It does come with an extra arm for a slightly different pose.

I think it's important to let you know that his God arc is razor-sharp. Don't let a kid play with it.

Overall, it's a handsome figure and I am pleased to have acquired him. Decent male figures are hard to come by and, in a series where it features sea of fine female figures, a male figure is even harder to come by. In such cases, male figures are generally ignored and are not produced at all. I am glad that Phat decided to make him.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Phat
  • Height (cm): 22, 26
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