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God Eater Cannon Daiba

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This is Cannon Daiba from God Eater. This figure is made by Plum and is of 1/7 scale, supposedly. I say supposedly because this figure is 1/8 scale in reality. The figure stands at 20cm and her massive God arc is 26cm in length.

Cannon is not a main character in God Eater series. However, she has her own fan base due to her special personality. First of all, she is a big air head with a sadistic side. Secondly, she likes to shoot at you during battles. In fact, her in-game profile specifically mentions that her friendly fire skill is -2 and that fellow God eaters tend to avoid her in fear of being shot from back during combat.

So, having her tagging along you, the player, into battles will have a high tendency of you being shot at from back. While you won't take any damage from friendly fire, you do lose your footing and get thrown away which can be annoying. Cannon will scream "Sorry!" but that won't stop her from firing at you again. This trait of hers has earned her many fans across God Eater series and, as a result, she has earned her own story arc in God Eater 2.

Now, about her God arc, it's huge. It's bigger than the figure itself. Well, look below.



Collecting God Eater figures has been pretty interesting for me because, not only you have the figures to look at, there are also their God arcs which are often massive. Cannon's God arc is one of the largest along with Lindow's.

Having said that, quality of the figure itself is medium. I cannot say this is a high quality figure. My camera was unable to pick up numerous painting faults due to strong light, but there are a fair amount of painting and glue faults on this figure. However, you won't easily notice the faults unless you are specifically looking for them. Overall, this is a nice, massive, figure.

Another aspect I'd like to mention is that assembling this figure isn't exactly easy. The box does come with a manual. Make sure that you read it or you risk breaking small parts. Once assembled, you probably won't want to take it apart again. The large cannon is supported entirely by a semi-transparent plastic pole which, in my case, bends slightly while supporting the God arc's weight. I wish they included a metal pole instead.

Finally, her God arc is decently made. It's not high quality and you can spot seams and slight faults here and there. And it does feel flimsy in your hands but I suppose that's alright, given the figure's price and overall quality of the figure itself. This figure can be sourced at as low as 60 USD and is probably the most inexpensive figure in God Eater figure collection.




Additional Info

  • Maker: Plum
  • Height (cm): 20
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