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Fate Stay Night Saber Triumphant Excalibur 1/7 scale

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If you've ever played original Fate stay night, you may be able to recall the (yes, the) scene where Saber reveals her sword and shouts "Excalibur!!!" toward descending Rider. When I saw this figure, that scene was recalled in my head.

I wasn't planning to acquire this figure, mainly due to its high price tag. But on a local anime convention, I came cross a booth that was selling some figures and saw this figure in a glass box. The vendor said the figure was sold out and the display unit was all he had. After a minute of banter, the vendor agreed to sell it for pretty cheap. I think I paid around 60 USD. This figure was technically used but was only taken out of the box for display purposes for about 15 days.


For the record, this figure has been pretty popular because this figure was re-run in 2012 and is scheduled for 2nd re-run in 2018 Feb.



And this figure is damn nice. Being 1/7 scale, the figure is pretty large and is pretty heavy. It is secured by a rather thick metal bar. Even so, the figure may dangle.

Perhaps more importantly, I saw no fault on the figure. Zero painting fault, zero surface seam, and top quality shading. What all of those mean this figure is a top, top, quality figure.



The box comes with two swords. One regular "mortal" claymore. The other is empowered transparent claymore. Besides the sword, there isn't any customizable options.



For an additional bonus, this Saber is canon. There is "Illy" Saber version where it features Saber wearing panties and a garter belt under her skirt. Now, that's not canon. Saber would never wear such.

Now, if I have to pick a fault on the figure, it's that this figure has many places where dusts will gather, especially there is a gap between her thigh armors and her blue skirt. Dusts will gather there. The figure also has a large surface area which is ideal for dusts. Other than that, the figure could dangle. Those are the only faults I would point out, both of which will pretty much apply to all objects on Earth. Who can escape from dust anyway?


Additional Info

  • Maker: Good smile company
  • Height (cm): 25
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