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Gintama Gintoki scooter ver by Banpresto

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This is Gintoki scooter version by Banpresto. You've got to give Banpresto credit for producing a lot of different figures for Gintama. And this is a unique figure.

While this is not a high quality like from Megahouse, this is decent enough and could be one of the better Gintoki figures to have. There are clear improvements compared to the first Gintoki figure Banpresto has produced.

First of all, the face sculpting is clearly superior. Painting quality is better as well.

It's important to note that the figure pieces (Gintoki, the scooter, and the base) are not bound by any joints. They are just standing on each other and it has a fairly delicate balance to it, meaning you can knock it over very easily.

The scooter not having any decent weight is one of its factors for being knocked off really easily. Having said that, the scooter has delicate parts, namely the handles and the leg. Therefore, you should be careful with it. Being knocked over on a shelf and falling on a wrong angle will most likely knock its parts off, ruining your investment.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this figure.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 14
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