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Excellent Model Core Queens Blade Leina 1/8

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This is Leina from Queen's blade. She is the main character in season 1.

This figure is of 1/8 scale and is 19cm in height. This figure is somewhat rare but the price is relatively slow. You should be able to grab it for around 45USD, brand new. Megahouse has two versions of her. The first one is the one you are seeing here. This one's original. The other is with alternative color with a different pose.



Overall quality isn't too bad. It's on high-end side of spectrum. However, her sword, especially the handle area, is extremely fragile. If you are not careful, you will break it when you try to equip it on her. I saw some used figures of her without the sword and now I see why. The sword should have been metal like metal pole from Gintama Kagura China dress ver. Or defy the original setting and make the sword thicker.

Either way, be extremely careful with the sword.




This figure is supposedly cast-off capable. However, I could not completely undress her armor without fear of using too much force and therefore break something along the way. So, in the end, I was unable to take her armor off. Additionally, her black underwear is unremoveable.

The brown leather strip thingy leaves paint strain on her skin as well. All in all, this figure is best left clothed and as is. Once you carefully equip her sword, never take it off. Don't take the chance and break it because this figure, without the sword, looks ridiculous.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 19
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