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Gintama Katsura Kotaro Megahouse

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This is Katsura Kotaro (Or Zura as more commonly known) from Gintama. It took me a while to get this figure since it was becoming rarer and its price was going up as a result. I had luck with Mandrake and sourced him for around 50USD.

I also have Zura by Banpresto. You may also want to look at that version.

The quality of this figure is clearly superior to the Banpresto version. However, I am unsure whether this version is better. Banpresto version has the comical aura to it whereas this one's far more serious. Of course, this being 1/8 scale means it will go well with other 1/8 scale figures by Megahouse.



This is a rather simple figure with a simple pose. It does come with an optional shorter hair, but seeing I hardly recall Zura with short hair, I didn't even take it out of the box.

Since I can't find faults on the figure, I will add this: I had some difficulty getting his katana into his hand. It required some force to get into his fingers. Other than that, I can't really fault this figure.




Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse G.E.M. series
  • Height (cm): 22
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