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Gintama Kagura Megahouse ver (China dress ver)

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Megahouse has produced 3 different versions of Kagura, two of which feature sexualized Kagura. Considering that, this version is probably the best. This version is what they call "China dress ver". I've also reviewed Kagura 2 years later version which is one of the sexualized versions.

The box comes with a different face, her signature purple umbrella, and her snack. The pole of her umbrella is aluminum. Bootleg versions have plastic poles. I do not advise using the small snack item because it can easily get lost.

It's worthwhile to note that the umbrella is fairly heavy which is perhaps why they chose to use metal for its pole. And it's probably also worthwhile to mention that her underwear is well done despite of a very small opening to see. (The last photo)

You kind of need to be careful with her umbrella. Due to its size and weight, it can roll off her shoulder easily. It can happen on its own given enough small vibration. Good news is that the paint from her umbrella don't rub off and won't leave any kind of strain.

Overall, this is a high quality figure from Megahouse.






Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse G.E.M. series
  • Height (cm): 21cm / 25cm with umbrella
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