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Excellent Model CORE Queen's Blade R-1 OSIRIS Dark

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NSFW (Not safe for work) warning to viewers. If you are at work or with someone who won't like you viewing adult material, click away to another place now.


With that out of the way, let me say this first. I had hellish time with this figure. Really, I really had hellish time with this figure.

This is Echidna from Queen's blade. Until I acquired this figure, I was aware of Queen's blade only by its reputation. I downloaded season 1 and watched it just so that I would get to know its characters better. After watching the first episode of season 1, I turned away from it. It wasn't my cup of tea but I was able to understand the gist of the anime and why this figure is "cast off".

Figures with "cast off" options mean they can be made nude. Basically, the figure has two modes. The first would be "fine for public display" mode. The second mode would be pink mode where she can be displayed totally naked. Having said that, this figure has balance issues.

As you see above, because of her pose, a lot of weight off its balance point. It wouldn't have been an issue if the figure was firmly secured by the base but the figure can only loosely fit onto the base. End result is a figure that simply falls forward if you touch it with slight force. If you are brave, you may want to glue her onto the base or at least apply reusable adhesive.

Another issue with this figure is that her arms literally fall off. They are not really secured. This is easily fixable if you have those clay adhesive tapes.

Now, here is a big one. her private part is covered by a snake thong which is very loose and nothing is holding it from sliding up and down. And, because of her pose, the thong doesn't do its job as her underwear. You can somehow secure it in its proper place sometimes but slightest force will displace it, revealing her private part.

You can also see a seam on her thigh-hip-waist.

Another annoying issue is that her hand does not hold her weapon firmly and it will fall off even with slightest force. All in all, I had hellish time with this figure while taking pictures.

Now enjoy some pictures below before I move onto "cast off" part.


Cast off?

Cast off figures mean their clothes can be taken off. Now, this is the real NSFW part.

Perhaps this figure is meant to be nude because, once you take stuff off her, it becomes a lot easier to handle her. Less weight means she is secured better to the base and won't trip as easily as before. All I can say that she does have a nice body. Unfortunately, there is no detail on her private part.

This is probably what Lei Feng figure should have been.

Besides from the issues I mentioned, the figure quality itself is very good. Colors are well done and so is its painting. But this figure is only good when merely looking at. As soon as you handle her, everything starts to fall apart. I grinned at myself as I wrote that. She's high maintenance and perhaps the issues I had with her was by design...

Now scroll down to see her naked figure. Thanks for reading/viewing.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 15
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