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Persona 4 Amagi Yukiko by Megahouse

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This is Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4. This one is by Megahouse. I've also reviewed one made by Taito.

Compared to Taito version, this one is clearly, vastly, superior. This is also 1/8 scale. However, this one isn't without its flaws. Well, look below.



The overall quality is Megahouse standard which is high quality. But see her eyes? One's twice bigger than the other. It's perhaps not a fault but it bothers me. Another aspect I dislike is her pose. Megahouse could have chosen a much better pose but they chose this pose.

The box also comes with a fair amount of accessories none of which is pictured here. There are her alternative face plate along with her signature wind fan. I do feel they could have made this figure much better. At the same time, Amagi herself is somewhat of an air head and doesn't stand out like Satanaka Chie. In that sense, I suppose this pose is fine. Still..., I wanted something more dramatic.






Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 20
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