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Queen's blade Yumil (Ymir) R-2

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NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning to viewers. In addition to that, I also give Loli warning.

This is cast-off capable figure of Yumir (Or Yumil) from Queen's blade. To be honest, I expected another figure with massive problems because I've had hellish time with Queen's blade Echidna and Duram Sherif.

However, this figure turned out to be the best cast-off capable figure I've had so far. Not that I've had many but, so far, this is the best one.



For the record, I have absolutely no idea how old Yumir is. And, while her physique is clearly that of pre-teen, she is a dwarf which explains her small physique. I believe she is old enough, but I give NSFW and Loli warnings regardless.

Edit: A quick wiki search reveals that she is well over 50 years old. So, that's that.

With that out of the way, let the review begin.

This is a very good figure. The so-many problems I've had with the two-mentioned cast-off figures don't exist with this one. Figure parts don't leave strain on her skin. Parts are easy to deal with. Painting and shading qualities are top notch and figure balance is good.

All in all, I have very little complaints.





This is an alternative color version. Original Yumir has pink dress with blue eyes. Personally though, I prefer this color version.

While this is a fixed pose figure, the hand that is holding her giant axe can rotate a little, giving an option to wield her weapon differently.




NSFW from this point.


Her chest piece is actually held secure by magnet. I believe there is a magnet inside of her chest area and the breast piece has a thin metal and the piece just clicks and attached onto her chest. The piece is fairly fragile. Be careful with it.

You can pull out her upper body and pull the skirt out. The paint on skirt does not leave any sort of strain on her skin at all. I do notice that the inner skirt is very smooth and glossy.

Her panties is loosely secured and requires pulling out a leg to be taken off.





There is no detail on her private part but that shouldn't matter. This figure is better off clothed. With the ability to rotate her weapon-holding hand, her axe can be in different direction.

Overall, this is the best cast-off capable figure I've had so far. I was about to give up on acquiring cast-off capable figures because the last two I acquired had so many issues. With this one being so good, I think I will try collecting more.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 17
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