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Tales of Vesperia Kotobukiya collection

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This is Vesperia trading figure collection from Kotobukiya. Unlike Alter who has produced only select main characters from Tales of Vesperia, Kotobukiya has produced all of main and side characters from Vesperia.

This took about 6 months to collect all, not because it was hard to find but because I was looking for deals. Average cost of each of them was about 20USD. The most expensive one was Raven at 40USD. The cheapest one was Karol at 6USD.

And these trading figures are high quality ones.

  1. Yuri Lowell
  2. Repede
  3. Estellise Sidos Heurassein
  4. Karol Capel
  5. Rita Mordio
  6. Raven
  7. Judith
  8. Flynn Scifo
  9. Patty Fleur
  10. Duke Pantarei

Shortest figure is Karol who stands at 9cm. Most are 11cm-ish with Judish being the tallest due to her spear (13.5cm).

High quality trading figures are somewhat hard to come by, simply because it's hard to paint when things are just too small. Nendoroid-kind is an exception to this because they are much easier to paint. Still, these coin-grade Vesperia trading figures are outstanding in quality.

These are called "coin-grade" trading figures because their base is circular (coin-like). Of course, Duke had to be an exception to that, bah.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): N/A
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