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Gintama Katsura "Zura" Kotarou

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Katsura (more commonly known as Zura) from Gintama. My favorite character from the series.

This figure was produced by Banpresto. While you don't generally expect high quality figures from them, this figure is of good quality due to its simple design. It doesn't mean it's actually high quality because there are inconsistencies in painting and painting lines being slight off. His hair also has a seam. But from a distance, this figure looks just fine.

I actually prefer this figure over Megahouse version because the pose of this figure is one of Zura's signature moves.

Additionally, due to its scale, it's not ideal to display it alongside of Megahouse 1/8 scale figures. This one is more of 1/10 scale. Still, this is one of my favorite Gintama figure because I don't like Megahouse versions.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 18
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