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Queen's blade Erina by Megahouse

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I present you with NSFW tag. This is Erina from Queen's blade and she can fully be naked, so read this alone.

With that out of the way, allow me to review this figure.


I will say this much: I can't find faults on this figure. However, this figure ... isn't exactly exceptional. First of all, for a Megahouse figure, it lacks sophisticated shading. Secondly, her pose isn't exactly ideal.

Having said that, however, this figure is fully cast off and she can fully be naked. On the other hand, she lacks any detail on her private part. At the same time, I've come to understand that Megahouse does not put any details on female's genitalia.

Another aspect I fail to understand is inclusion of sausage. I don't quite get the meaning of it. Additionally, her spear is supposed to go between her fingers but I couldn't make it stable that way. In the end, I had to let it hang above her wrist.

Finally, the box lacks a manual to undress her and it wasn't easy to undress her without proper instructions. Having experienced how fragile a figure prop can be, I had to be extremely careful when I was undressing her. In the end, I was able to undress her, but I wouldn't do it often. It's going to break apart.

If you really want a hentai figure, I strongly suggest that you buy figures from Orchid Seed. They are specialized in hentai figures.








Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 18
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