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Narukami Yuu, Persona 4 Megahouse

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This is Narukami Yuu from Persona 4. This is by Megahouse and is a high quality. You can compared this with my review of Narukami Yuu, Persona 4 Sunny side up.

Both are 1/8 scale but this one costs nearly 80USD while the other costs 15USD. The quality difference comes in from shading, better quality sculpture, and less painting faults. However, this figure isn't without issues. The box comes with a tiny Persona card which is supposed to go on top of his hand, but it hangs on just and I advice you not to use the prop. You will lose it eventually.

It also comes with the signature glasses (only one pair) which is extremely fragile. You might break it while just trying to put it on. Overall, I don't recommend using the props.

The shading is far superior compared to Sunny side up counterpart (Well, duh). The base takes less space as well. I do feel the pose isn't better than the Sunny side up product however.

Overall, this is a decent figure.




Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 22
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