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Gintama Shimura Shinpachi

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Shimura Shinpachi in Gintama is a curious figure. His popularity rank is 8, meaning he's pretty popular overall in the manga or anime. However, his real world popularity seems to be way down. Only Banpresto has produced a semi-decent figure of him. All other available figures are chibi ones. Recurring theme of poking a fun at Shinpachi is that 95% of him is his glasses and 5% of him is just garbage which sadly appears to be true when it comes to his figurine production. His glasses are actually on sale in Japan.

Either way, let me get back to the figure. I've yet to see Banpresto coming up with a high-end figure and this figure is no exception. The quality is medium. Painting lines are not perfect and painting isn't even. However, from a distance, this is pretty decent-looking figure and this is the only big Shinpachi figurine you are going to find.

His glasses are really well done though.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 17
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