Saturday, 07 April 2018 01:17

Gintama Yamazaki "Anpan" Sagaru

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Yamazaki never gets a break and it's even true when it comes to his figurine. This is a 1/10 scale figure of Yamazaki from Gintama.

This figurine... sucks. It feels and looks, cheap. Poor dude. I think this is intentional. It may look decent in photos but, once you take a closer look and have it in your hands, you will immediately realize how cheap this figure is. This is one of the poorest quality I've seen in figures. Even by Banpresto's standards, this is subpar.

However, this is the only Yamazaki figure you are going to find in a decent size. All else are chibi versions.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 16
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