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Extra Story Image Figure Genshiken Kasukabe Saki

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This is Kasukabe Saki from Genshiken. This is a 1/8 scale figure and made by Yamato.

The quality of the figure is medium-high. I had to grade it down due to a heavy fault on her helmet. Look below.



The helmet is removable and doing so will reveal heavy paint strains. Good news is that you will likely keep the helmet on. This also reveals seams on her hair.

Another fault on the figure is that the figure is really loosely secured to the base. It's so loose that the base will come off at the slightest force. All in all, what this means this figure isn't high quality.

Other than those, however, the figure overall is alright.

P.S. Nothing worthy to talk about under her skirt if you are wondering.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Yamato
  • Height (cm): 19
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