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Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Lei Fang 1/6 Scale by Kotobukiya

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Remember Dead of Alive? And remember DoA Extreme 2?

This is Lei fang figure from DoA Extreme 2. This is 1/6 scale. The figure height is 15cm and figure length is 21cm. Because this is 1/6 figure, the whole thing is fairly large and won't blend well with 1/8 figures. Keep that in mind if you plan to mix & match with other figures. Additionally, this is a bikini figure and a fairly bold one at that.



The figure pose exposes all of her body parts. The important parts are well covered though.

Do note that this figure is NOT cast-off; she can't be naked but you can use an alternative outfit which is something I was unable to do.


Despite of reading the manual, the alternative outfit just wouldn't fit. The outfit goes on top of her bikini and no matter how I tried, it felt amiss.

At the same time, she's better off with her original bikini anyway, so I don't feel this is a big loss by any means. Overall, this isn't a bad figure, but I do feel the figure should have been cast-off capable. At the same time, DoA never crosses *that* line. It tries to be sexy and all but it never crosses the line.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 15
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