Sunday, 08 April 2018 13:38

Sadaharu (piggy) bank

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I've looked hard to find a suitable Sadaharu figure for my Gintama collection. And all I've found was pillow / cushion types. At one point though, I did manage to find this Sadaharu bank. It's a piggy bank in shape of Sadaharu.

I gambled on it but was misinformed. Seller claimed it was 17cm in height but this was 12cm height. Therefore, scale wise, it doesn't exactly fit with my Megahouse Kagura figure but this is the closet thing you can find to a Sadaharu figure that is semi-big.

I think a Kagura trading figure is probably a lot better to go with this thing. The whole thing is plastic and is sort to touch but it's not one of those rubber coated plastic.

The quality is alright although I see a clear quality fault on its right leg.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 12
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