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Moyashimon Lottery Burgundy Mary figure

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This is Mary de Burgundy from Moyashimon season 2. With its height at 23cm, this is likely a 1/7 scale figure. (The box doesn't state scale.) I wasn't expecting much from this figure because I bought it at 20 USD brand new (And free shipping to boot).

When I received it however, I was surprised. The box had a unique design and this was a high quality figure. More shockingly, this is made by Banpresto. I was shocked at the quality. It is on par with Megahouse figures. What's really shocking is that this is a lottery figure.

All in all, I am puzzled. Its price and it being a lottery figure tell me the quality is going to suck. Yet, this figure defies the norm. This is a high quality figure with a unique base design.



There are few faults on the figure but I could count them with my one hand. Painting was overall nice and there is lack of shading, but given the price, it's not something I am going to complain. Again, it's hard to believe this is a Banpresto and a lottery figure.

What I really like about this figure is that the figure secures really firmly into the base. It's not coming off its base unless you really force it.

Overall, this figure is a hidden gem. However, there aren't many Moyashimon figures. Only Mary and Kei were produced in 1/7 scale and Kei figure shares exact same pose and both look pretty much identical. Therefore, expect Moyashimon figures to be lonely. If you get Mary figure, there isn't really a reason to get Kei figure.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 23
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