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Teletha Testarossa by GSC

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This is Teletha Testarossa from Full Metal Panic by Good smile company(GSC).

While I like this figure as a figure, I am generally disappointed in how Full Metal Panic figures turned out to be. Most of female figures from this series are sexual. Trading figures are worse; they are fully naked bathing figures. GSC released two swimsuit figures, one for Tessa. Another for Chidori. Other companies, such as Atelier Sai, released more provocative figures. What's worse is that I don't even see Sousuke Sagara's figure. The cast from this series features a fair bit of males and just none of them was made by quality companies. This is something I frown upon. When I collect figures from a series, I expect some male figures to go with. I don't like seeing only female figures.


Well, my complaints aside, the figure itself is of good quality. You can see some unfinished bit on her thigh in the first photo below. That's about the only significant fault I could find. Additionally, the box comes with a semi-transparent green base which isn't pictured here. The figure is not connected to its base anyway and you may simply put the figure without the base. This figure doesn't need a base is what I am saying.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Good smile company
  • Height (cm): 13
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