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Saber GIFT 1/8 figure by Good smile company

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Hail the king.

There are plenty of Saber figures available on the market but there are few that really fit Saber's canon aura. Ever since original Fate Stay Night and Fate Hollow Ataraxia, Saber's image has changed into her being just a girl with monstrous appetite.

This 1/8 scale figure, made by Good Smile company, was introduced in 2009 and retains the canon aura of original Saber. It took me a while to find a brand new one in 2017 and I was able to find one at a decent price (60 USD). The figure stands at 18cm (base included). It is a somewhat small figure for 1/8 scale, but considering Saber's own size, this is about right.


My first impression of this figure was - majestic. It reeks of class and dignity.

The quality of the figure is high but it is not fault less. But the faults are few and it's only paint lines being slightly off. The skirt part is where most of faults are found. The patterns are complex and I can forgive them for messing up a little. It's really detailed down there.



It's also important note that the box comes with 2 heads. The default head is a non-anime head. You can take a look at it from one of the images below. The head is supposed to be "life-like". Either way, I don't like it. The other head is what I reviewed with which is an anime head.


Additional Info

  • Maker: GIFT (GSC sub division)
  • Height (cm): 18
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