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Persona 4 Amagi Yukiko by Taito

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This is Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4. This one has been manufactured by Taito and is of 1/10 scale. Quality of Taito figures is on par with Banpresto.

Therefore, this figure is of medium quality. However, it's very important to note that Taito has produced all of Persona 4 characters whereas Megahouse has not. Since scaling won't match, you either need to collect Taito or Megahouse figures. Mix & match won't work here.



The figure, in general, looks fine. But her hair is pretty bad and is sub-standard. Painting is very inconsistent here and it looks as if they put together hair parts like clay and painted on top of it. If her hair color was anything other than pitch black, the low quality would have showed. Black color means the faults are not very obvious.

Another slight flaw I'd like to point out is that her face isn't exactly like Amagi. I can't quite pinpoint it but something feels off about her face.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Taito
  • Height (cm): 18
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