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Persona 4 Hanamura Yousuke 1/8 scale

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This is Hanamura Yosuke from Persona 4. This is a lottery figure produced by Sunny side up. It is of 1/8 scale. Now, it's important to note that his height is 23cm. For a 1/8 scale figure, that's pretty tall. In fact, this figure is more close to 1/7 scale. It doesn't exactly match with Megahouse 1/8 scale versions but can still work somewhat.

He isn't exactly a popular character in Persona 4. His loose character doesn't help in popularity contest, either. But he is a comic relief character that's needed in the story.

As expected from Sunny side up, the overall painting is good. However, there is little shading and minor details are not very good. His glasses for an example. It's off. I tried to adjust it but it's stuck the way it is.



The figure is secured by a semi-transparent plastic pole that connects to his back. There could have been better ways to secure the figure but probably would have cost more. While the quality is pretty good for a figure that cost me mere 10 USD, the figure looks and feels cheap. And due to the way the figure is secured, the figure dangles on vibration.



Ordeals on making a full Persona 4 figure collection.

Hear me out on this. Persona 4 figures of 1/8 and scale of 1/10(? maybe 1/12) scale are produced by three companies in general: Megahouse (high-end), Sunny side up (medium quality), and Taito (medium quality). Megahouse and Sunny side up have produced figures that are 1/8 scale. Taito, on the other hand, has produced figures of 1/10 scale (or 1/12).

And now here is a major issue I am facing. Only Taito has produced all available Persona 4 characters. While Megahouse figures are high quality, you have only Narukami, Amagi, Kujikawa, and Satonaka. Sunny side up has more in Hanamura and Shirogane. But those aren't enough if you are serious about collecting Persona 4 figures. - Everyone has to be there -.

Therefore, in the end, I strongly advise you to collect Taito figures. The issue with that though is that not all Taito figure poses are desirable. If you plan to mix & match figures from Megahouse and Sunny side up, let me show you this. Look below.


The scaling is way, waaaaaaaay, off. Taito figures and the rest just don't go together under any circumstances. The yellow base which Taito figures have don't help, either. In Taito's defense though, yellow is the main theme color of Persona 4, so it's hard to blame them for choosing yellow base.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Sunny side up
  • Height (cm): 23
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