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Bandai Gods Eater Aragami figure set

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These are Aragami from God Eater series. They are trading figure size. Small ones stand at 8cm and taller ones stand at 11cm maximum. There are 9 pieces in this collection.

1. Chi-You

2. Gboro-Gboro

3. Vajra

4. Borg Camlann

5. Fallen Borg Camlann

6. Sariel

7. Golden Gboro-Gboro

8. Prithvi Mata

9. Dyaus Pita

The figures are small but they should get along fine with chibi figures. Figure quality is pretty decent actually which isn't too surprising since Bandai made them. They do make decent figurines.



Some aragami share the same basic shape which you can't fault Bandai for since it's how the game deal with various versions of aragami. Each of them comes with their own base with their names on it but I find that most of them don't actually need the bases. Chi-You and Sariel are the only one that absolutely require their bases.

Minor assemblies are required for each of them but they aren't hard at all to figure out. I purchased these as a set on Ebay for around 40 USD. These will be used for a God Eater photography project of mine in near future.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Bandai
  • Height (cm): 8 ~ 11
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