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God Eater Sakuya Tachibana by Plum

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This is Sakuya from God Eater.

She is a motherly figure despite of her questionable outfit. One might expect a sultry character with her outfit, but she's pretty much the opposite. She is a serious, caring, and sometimes bold character. Still, she does show off quite the goodies.

Additionally, Sakura figure appears to be in proper scale this time. She is 1/7 scale and appears to be correct in size. This figure is marginally larger than Lindow 1/8 scale figure. The figure height is 22cm to her head, 24cm to her risen hand, and 28cm if you count her God arc. Her God arc itself is 28cm in length.



I am quite pleased with the quality. Cannon from Plum was somewhat of a disappointment but the quality of this figure is outstanding.

Though I must mention that the figure doesn't quite secure itself to the base. Since her post is stable, this is a pretty much non-issue. Her God arc comes fully assembled and easy to put on the figure which can't be said the same for my Cannon figure.

Her skirt can also be taken off, revealing her shorts of the matching color. This also means she can have a somewhat different outfit as pictured below.




Her God arc feels solid as well. It doesn't have the cheap feeling which Cannon's God arc has. It has some weight to it. Overall, I can tell Plum is growing into this figure business and are really improving at least when it comes to God Eater figure series.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Plum
  • Height (cm): 22 (to head), 24 (to hand), 28 (with God arc)
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