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God Eater Kodsuki Nana

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This is Nana from God Eater 2 by Plum. The quality of this figure is very good. However, having purchased Plum's Sakura, Kannon, Erina, I must question Plum's scaling. The box of this figure claims that this is 1/7 scale. However, I will say this is more of 1/8 scale. 

For comparisons, look below for Julius (1/8 scale by Phat) and Sakura (1/7 scale by Plum).



I feel that Sakura is clearly 1/7 scale, but Kannon, Erina, and Nana are not. I am not entirely sure how Plum's scaling is working here. I suppose it doesn't matter that much but it has been bothering me somewhat.

Anyway, let's move on.




As mentioned in the beginning, the quality is very good. I can see some not-so-accurate painting on her hot pants but otherwise overall quality is excellent. The figure is also secured well into the base. Don't pick it up by holding either her God arc or the figure though. They will fall off if you do that. But the figure won't dangle and I don't see any potential issue with the base in long term.

And, while this is not an issue per se, her fingers bent at the slightest force.



I feel it is also worthwhile to mention that the God arc and Nana figure themselves are secured individually to the base despite of it looking as if the figure and the God arc are supporting each other. You install the God arc first and then install Nana. Well, I've scanned the instruction paper for your pleasure.

Finally, is she worth the money? I'd say yes on this one. Nana is one of cheaper figures available and quality is certainly within expectations for the price.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Plum
  • Height (cm): 23
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