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Tales of Zestiria Alisha

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This is Alisha from Tales of Zestiria.

Before I begin the review, it wasn't my plan to begin collecting figures from Zestiria. However, because I decided to collect Velvet from Tales of Berseria, I needed to start collecting figures from Zestiria because both games are in the same universe.

I began with Alisha for a simple reason; She is the rarest and has the highest price tag which generally means supply is dwindling. The price for her can only go up, so I chose to go for her first. I purchased her from Mandrake @ 16,000 yen. Any figure I purchase for this series will be cheaper than her.

About the character, Alisha, herself, I wasn't a big fan of her. She felt too ... static. I understood her position as an unwanted princess in a politically unstable era but she reminded me of Flynn from Tales of Vesperia. Though I will say she is more flexible than Flynn.




As expected from Alter, this figure is very high quality. However, when you equip her spear, be careful of a tiny needle joint on her palm. It CAN break it off if you use too much force.

Additionally, the metallic paint from the pole of her spear can rub off on her glove. You are bound to get some paint on her glove as you equip the spear for the first time. It's hardly noticeable. Still, once you equip her spear, don't ever take it off. Oh, the pole of her spear is metal.


The figure is secured by only one foot but her second leg is loosely supporting the balance, so this isn't much of an issue and the figure won't dangle. I've collected more than 60 figures now and I've grown a dislike toward figures with just a single foot secured to its base. In other words, it's those figures with highly dynamic poses. They have a high tendency to dangle and it progressively weakens joints at the base and might even break off after some years.

A good example of this issue is Persona 4 Satonaka Chie by Megahouse. Of course, there are exceptions. God Eater Ciel has a long metal stick to secure the figure which goes very deep into her foot and leg, which means even if it dangles, it can handle the pressure.

In other words, it's literally case by case. But I've grown a tendency to dislike figures with overly dramatic poses due to above reason.




Overall though, she's cute. I thought it was a nice touch that she wore hot pants instead of a mini skirt. I am kind of getting tired of mini skirts in anime/Japanese games. Besides, an athletic character like her should never wear a skirt.

Another thing I'd like point out is her face. I've played the game and I am unsure her face is accurately sculpted. I feel it's a little off. Perhaps, it's her expression that's making me feel this way.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Alter
  • Height (cm): 20 (to head), 22 (to spear)
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