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Tales of Zestiria Sorey

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This is Sorey from Tales of Zestiria. This is by Kotobukiya and is of 1/8 scale.

The quality of this figure isn't exactly Alter quality but it isn't exactly that bad, either. I purchased this even though I was aware that Alter was coming out with their own. While I'd clearly prefer Alter figures due to their superior quality, I don't like figures in seated poses, especially when the figure is the main protagonist.

However, after I obtained this figure and inspected it, I have mixed feelings about this. Before speaking about that in detail, allow me to show you the general pictures of the figure.




It is interesting to note that the box theme as well as the figure base theme are shared between Kotobukiya Sorey and Alter Alisha - as if - they communicated and decided to unify the design. The unified base design is fairly important because some manufacturers add a tall block as base which hurts overall scaling when displayed.

Coloring and shading in general are fine. There is no seam on his hair and the overall sculpting is excellent.


Now, the bad side. The first thing I'd like to point out is the paint lines being off around the leather-color thingy around his neck. You don't see this sort of flaw on Alter figures in general. I would understand if this figure was cheaper, but its price is in higher end of spectrum (Around 100 USD). Therefore, the sloppy job on that part is not easily forgivable. 



Additionally, I'd like to point out that the white cloak he is donning isn't exactly high quality. Paint lines are off on some spots and the white paints aren't consistent. You see this sort of flaws from Taito or Banpresto figures. But then again, their asking price is far cheaper, so I understand the trade-off. And again, the price of this figure isn't cheap. So, it's not forgivable that the figure has this sort of flaws all over the cloak. Few flaws I can let go, but I am seeing more than a few in this specific case.



Finally, it was PAINFUL to get his sword equipped. You are required to dismantle his blade; the handle comes off and it goes into his hand through back. But, because you can't take the cloak off, you have to bring the sword handle awkwardly into his hand. This is far easier to be said than done. Perhaps I had a harder time because I was being extra careful. Regardless, it was quite painful to get the sword equipped properly.

And finally (for real), I find this face off. He doesn't exactly look like Sorey. But then I didn't find Alisha's face from Alter accurate, either, so I guess this isn't really a big deal. I mean, if Alter can't get it right, nobody can, probably.




Is this figure worth it?

At this point, I'd like to mention that the figure looks perfectly fine from a distance. The flaws I mentioned, you won't notice them even from a feet away. You may find his face a little off and that's about it. Besides, the figure looks quite good next to Alisha. I mean their poses are in sync with their matching bases. 

So, in this sense, this figure is worth it. Its price is lower end of premium price spectrum, so perhaps my expectation was too high.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 20cm
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