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Tales of Abyss trading figure collection

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So, here are Tales of Abyss trading figures from Kotobukiya. This was my first Tales game. To be honest, I didn’t like it much. It was the anime version that came out a decade later that made me like it more.
Then Vesperia came along few years later and that was and still is my favorite Tales game.

So, for me, I rank Tales games in below order.

Vesperia > Berseria > Abyss > Xillia = Xillia 2 = Zestiria > Graces

Anyhow, let me begin.

Here are all six of them.



Luke ➤ Hated him at first. Still didn’t like him even after he decided to man up.

Tear ➤ Who could dislike her? It’s really important that you listen to her Japanese voice. Her tsundere quality is magnified with the Japanese voice.



Jade ➤ A cool character and with Takehito Koyasu as voice actor, even cooler. Why we did not get a scale figure of Jade is beyond me. But then I have no idea what we didn’t get a scale figure of Judith, either. So, that’s that.

Anise ➤ Perhaps an annoying character.



Guy ➤ An okay character. Reminds me of Flynn.

Ion ➤ Almost a sidekick.


Generally speaking, the quality of the figures are excellent. However, perhaps due to its age, the painting is somewhat sticky on all of the figures. You can tell this by how oddly glossy the figures are.

They are not terribly sticky but sticky nevertheless. I reckon dust will be harder to remove once it settle on the surface.

I’ve read stories of paints on some figures becoming sticky after long years. Some say it’s due to explore to sun. Some say it’s due to how paint was mixed.
Both are plausible arguments and the latter would certainly apply to this case since these figures are around 10+ years old at this point.

Now that I’ve collected all trading figures from Tales of Abyss, the next question is whether to collect scale figures. I’ve been debating this for a number of reasons.

First of all, there are only three scale characters: Luke, Tear, and Natalia. (No Jade).

Secondly, google research reveals that qualities of Tear and Natalia are really subpar (Below Banpresto standard).

Now, if prices were acceptable, it’d be fine, but their prices are sky high due to them becoming rare over the years. I have little intention to acquire them brand new because prices are quite simply absurd (250USD for Tear, 150USD for Natalia). Secondhand ones are more reasonably priced for A/A or A/B. Still, for the qualities I will be getting, their prices seem to be high.

Finally, two companies made Tear. Kotobukiya made her in 1/8 scale and Milestone made her in 1/7 scale. Google research reveals that both figures apparently have bad painting with Milestone version being slightly superior in sculpting.

Basically, aside from Luke which was made by Alter, it’s not really worth the money collecting the other two. And, if I am to collect only Luke, I’d rather not collect him at all. So, that is my current dilemma on this series.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 10cm-ish
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