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Tales of Zestiria Mikleo Kotobukiya

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Conclusion of this review: Don't get this figure. Now, if you'd like to continue on reading, so be it. :p


This is Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria. Standing at 19cm (Base included), this is the shortest male scale figure I have. If you played the game or watched the anime or even read the manga, the first thing you will notice when you inspect this figure is his face.

It's off quite a bit. The main issue appears to be his surreally large front hair. Then his eyes are a little odd as well. In other words, he doesn't look like Mikleo.

Now, if you happen to have the bonus head, he becomes better.



I was able to grab him @ 8,000yen from Mandrake. I wasn't expecting to find one with the bonus head so later after the initial launch, but then Mandrake had one (Unopened, box damaged, the usual description.). So, I decided to grab him.

And I regret this purchase. Still, I am not sure I will get the alter one; I don't like seated poses.



On quick glances, the figure looks alright. It's when you look closer you notice things that are amiss.

This figure has a lot of quality issues.

The picture right below shows how crudely his side belts are done. The other side isn't any better, either. Inconsistent painting, paint lines being off. These are not something you'd like to see from a figure that costs 10,000yen (The official price). His head is quite well done however aside from looking off.


And as pictured above, there is a rather large painting fault. How this passed quality check is beyond me.

Below, you see paint line being off. Being a little off is perhaps fine. But these lines are way off.



Finally, you see blue paint on his white pants as well as darker blue painting dots on edge of his pants.

There are more than just a few faults on this figure. Coupled with his face being off, this figure is mediocre. In fact, if I didn't buy this from Mandrake, I may have thought that this was a bootleg.

Now, some of the issues here may be isolated and perhaps this is why how this figure ended up not being sold at Mandrake. It is possible to notice some of these faults without opening the box.

Of course, all of the faults I mentioned are hard to notice from a feet far although his face being off is noticeable even from a distance. If you happen to have the bonus head, swapping out his head is certainly an option because the bonus head looks clearly better.

However, having paid 8,000yen, I would have liked a better quality figure. Now, the official price of this figure (10,000yen) means this figure belongs to premium category. Lower aftermarket price means that this figure isn't very popular and I can see why.

Alter version will clearly be better.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 19
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