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God Eater Erina Der Vogelweide

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This is Erina Der Vogelweide from God Eater 2. This figure is by Plum and claimed to be 1/7 scale. However, the figure stands at only 20cm and will go well with other God Eater 1/8 figures.

This figure is, by far, the tallest 1/7 figure. With her massive God arc equipped, she stands at 35cm in height, or if you equip alternative God arc, it will stand at whooping 38cm.




Plum isn't a company known to produce high quality figures, but this particular is quite alright. Compared to other God Eater figures by Plum, the quality of this figure is clearly better. I saw very little faults in the painting and shading is proper. 

Her God arc assembly as well as display is much easier as well. I was fearing that I might break stuff when I was assembling Cannon's figure but I had no issues with Erina. The figure is also very firmly attached to the base although I do like to mention that only one of her feet has connector to the base.







They (Plum) made sure that her zettai ryouiki is emphasized well. Hmm, although...you need to keep in mind that she is only 14 in God Eater 2.

The thing is that the figure doesn't feel like she is 14. This is perhaps helped by the 1/7 scale which boosts her overall size. If you didn't know her bio, you'd have never guessed that she is only 14. And, with her skirt being cast-off, this figure, overall, is pretty sexy one in a subtle way.

Alisa Illinichina Amiella is openly sexy. Erina is the opposite is what I am saying.





Her God arc isn't massive like Lindow's or Cannon's. However, because it is a spear type, it is very tall. The God arc also has an alternative mode which extends its length even further. The overall figure can be as tall as 38cm with it. Do make sure you have ample height in your display unit to display her.



Finally, despite of being a 1/7 figure (even the box says it's 1/7 scale), she goes perfectly well with 1/8 God Eater figures. If you were concerned of scale issues, don't fear. Even Plum's Cannon 1/7 scale is in reality 1/8 scale. Therefore, all Plum 1/7 God Eater figures will go perfectly well with 1/8 scale Julius and Lindow, who are the only male figures produced. I'd love to see Lenka made into a figure but that seems unlikely at this point. I guess the anime didn't do good enough which is understandable. I couldn't get into the anime until I watched Lenka's short past which aired at Episode 10. It perhaps came too late...

With God Eater 3 coming though, there will be more God Eater figures in the future, I am sure. There needs to be more male figures. At the very least, Soma needs to be made into a figure.



Additional Info

  • Maker: Plum
  • Height (cm): 20cm / 35cm / 38cm
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