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Tales of Abyss Luke by Banpresto

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This is Luke from Tales of Abyss. Standing at 21cm (base is 2cm), this is a 1/8 figure.

This is an Ichiban Kuji lottery figure, meaning you score this via crane machines at various centers. For me though, I grabbed him at 2,500yen from Mandrake. Believe or not, this figure is going to be the Luke figure for me despite of Alter version's existence.

The reason being is that the rest of figures from Tales of Abyss does not blend well with Alter version. To be more specific, Alter Luke doesn't blend at all with Kotobukiya Tear. This one, however, blends well with Tear. That was all I was hoping for. Pose/scale harmony comes before quality. This part will be covered more when I review Kotobukiya Tear.



For a lottery figure though, the quality of this figure is surprisingly acceptable. In fact, I'd say the quality of this figure is on par with Kotobukiya Mikleo which I paid 8,000yen for. The only faults that are clearly visible are the seams on his coat on left/right side. These two seams aren't very visible from front angle and under normal lightning.

There are also few several faults on this figure but they are fairly minor and I take its price under consideration, meaning I won't make a big deal out of them unless a fault is absolutely devastating. The faults are pictured below.




Nothing much to say, I am afraid. Luke Alter version is clearly superior, but it doesn't blend with Kotobukiya Tear pose wise and height wise. This is ultimately your call to make in the end. For me, Luke & Tear must be together and I chose what I felt was the best.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 22
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