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Tales of Abyss Tear Grants Kotobukiya

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This is Tear Grants from Kotobukiya. Standing at 21.5cm with its 2cm height base, this is a 1/8 scale figure.

Tales of Abyss was the first Tales game I played on PS2. It was never my favorite game. But the recent (relatively speaking) anime adaptation has made me like the overall series better.

As for Tear Grants herself, I would say she is one of very few female characters in Tales who makes it clear of her romantic feelings. She is also one of very few Tales females characters who are very mature. She is also one of few Tales characters who are not morally fixed (Like Yuri Lowell and Velvet Crowe).

In other words, Tear Grants is one of my favorite Tales characters. Her English voice is let-off however.


Now, when I was set out to collect a Tear Grants figure, I had basically two choices. The Kotobukiya version you are seeing here is one. The other is Milestone 1/7 scale version. The Milestone version appears to be of higher quality. However, scale doesn't match with Luke figure I have. Price also mattered. I acquired this Kotobukiya version secondhand. She cost me 6,000yen. Milestone would cost me 13,000yen (secondhand). 

Brand new ones weren't even considered because either one would cost me 250USD.

The thing with Japanese secondhand figures is that they are generally A/A condition and this one was no exception. It came with the original box and the overall condition of this figure was very good. It even came with what appeared to be original plastic wraps and her weapons didn't seem to be taken out of the box at all.



The quality of this figure is mediocre. However, I am going to take few facts into my grading. The first is its age. This is an approximately 12 year-old figure. The second fact is that the official price which was 4,200yen. Finally, this is by Kotobukiya which isn't known for Alter-like quality.

In other words, considering how much the official price was, its age, AND who produced the figure, this is overall a decent figure. Regardless, I am going to list some of obvious faults I found on the figure.



Her face is somewhat a subjective matter. I feel her face is accurate enough although one of her eyes isn't covered enough.

The biggest one is the yellow/gold lines on her wardrobe. It's off on more than few places and paint consistency is questionable. This is, however, not noticeable from a distance.

There are visible seams on her hair and lack of shading in general is regrettable.


Now, if you look below, you can see upskirt view of the figure. Tear is a rare Tales female character who shows barely any skin thanks to her wardrobe. In fact, in the game or anime, the most skin you are going to see her is her upper tight. (Excluding swimsuit scenes) And Tear isn't known for any fan services, either.

Regrettably though, not much attention was paid down there. It's just pained with the same color as her stocking.




Above shot is the exact reason I chose Ichiban Kuji Luke figure over Alter version. The poses match. I wish Luke was 1cm taller, but this is good enough, given limited choices. I also wanted a short hair version of Luke, but his pose was going to take too much space, so this is ultimately what I ended up with.

My Abyss collection is almost complete. Only Natalia left to collect.


Tear Grants is known to have the largest boobs in Tales of series. If you played the game, you will be constantly reminded of Tear's boob size by numerous NPCs.

In fact, I can say now for certain that her boob size is twice larger than Velvet Crowe's.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 21.5
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