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Tales of Abyss Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

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This is Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear from Tales of Abyss. The figure height is 20cm with its base taking 2cm, but because of the figure pose, the actual height of the figure is skewed.

This is the last puzzle to my Tales of Abyss collection. I did plenty of (google) researches on this figure before committing to purchase it. All of my findings pointed that this figure had really poor painting quality, so I was sort of expecting what I was going to get.

Anyway, I purchased this figure brand new at 70USD. I was hoping purchasing her brand new would help me to get a better quality one but nope. More on that later below.


As for Natalia herself, I have very little recollection of her. She was a forgettable character for me. But, FYI, she was Luke's arranged fiancee. However, her being revealed not being the real daughter and Luke being a replica, the whole marriage sort of went forgotten. I do recall sensing some chemistry between Guy and her but I don't think it developed.



The figure quality is ... not good, but some of problems are not related to quality itself. It's due to aging. This is 12+ years old figure and the age is showing.

Though with its official pricing of about 4,000yen and its maker being Kotobukiya, the quality of figure is within my expectation. 

Collecting Tales of Abyss figures made me aware of figure aging. It is that old (10+ years) figures can have paint residue on surface depending how its paint was mixed and that paint can literally peel off. For the record, this figure is not sticky but I can tell it's starting to get sticky. And Abyss trading figures I've obtained from different sellers, they are all very sticky from paint residue.

But all of them are made by Kotobukiya. This could be an issue from only Kotobukiya figures. At the same time, my Tales of Vesperia trading figures (made by Kotobukiya) do not exhibit this issue yet although those haven't even hit 10-year mark.

This specific figure was brand new. I can tell because of figure packaging. This figure was really brand new, yet small parts of paints peeled off on its own. We are talking about a figure that was mostly protected from elements and probably sun light. If such a figure shows aging, most other figures (I own) will encounter similar issues, given enough years.

But then, of course, nothing is permanent.

Anyway, look below for more significant faults on the figure which includes a large paint peel-off, paints just being very bad, and a bad seam.




Get this figure only if you must. I collected this figure in order to complete my Tales of Abyss collection. Otherwise, I would have never gotten this figure.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Height (cm): 20
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