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Tales of Graces Cheria Barnes

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This is Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces (F).

To be honest with you, Tales of Graces F was a completely forgettable entry to the series for me. Its generic story and characters mean I have very little recollection of the game I spent around 30 hours into. 

This is Tales of series 20th anniversary figure by Banpresto. As expected from Banpresto, the quality of this figure is mediocre, but quite frankly this is not a bad figure. Well, you don't have a choice anyway. This is the only Cheria Barnes scale-ish figure you are going to find.

While this is not strictly a scale figure, given its height of 21.5cm with 2cm base, I would consider this a 1/8 scale figure and it does sit okay with other Tales of scale figures.



The pose is pretty nice and does fit nicely with the character's personality. And, despite of the figure being secured by a single foot, the figure doesn't dangle or is in danger of disconnecting itself from its base.

There are some rough finishes & paints on the figure. However, given its price tag (I acquired her for 2,000yen), this is something I would overlook. Besides, the faults are all insignificant.

There is lack of shading but inexpensive figures don't tend to have shading, so that's that.




If you wish to collect Tales of Graces (F) figures, this is a must-get figure.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 21.5
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