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Naruto Tsunade by Megahouse

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I don't claim to be a die hard Naruto fan. But I do own the manga books and have been keeping up with the series since early 2000.

When I started collecting figures (since 2015), collecting Naruto figures certainly came to my mind. However, at that time, an important character for me was missing. Actually, there are two characters I really wished to collect: They are Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Now, both of them exist. However, Jiraiya is a non-scale low-end figure. Tsunade is a proper 1/8 scale Megahouse figure.

As a figure collector, I certainly understand why girls have a higher priority when it comes to figure productions, but Jiraiya... he is one of the kind character out there in Naruto. Not having a proper scale figure for him is going to pain me greatly. At least though, I now have Tsunade. If a scale Jiraiya figure is made, I am certainly willing to spend hundreds for him. Having him and Tsunade displayed together would almost bring me tears to my eyes.



Normally, I'd start the review by complaining about the gigantic bust size, but any Naruto fan knows that Tsunade has huge assets. By Jiraiya's own words, they are "106cm". I have no idea what cup that translates to but I do know that it's huge.

The overall quality of the figure is excellent. I did find a slight mishap on her hair but it can be easily overlooked. Well, her whole outfit is simple to begin with, so I suppose it's hard to mess up there. The price for this figure was about 100 USD which is pretty high for what you are getting. General figure price has been steadily going up and the price increase is slowly reaching a point where this hobby could well go out of reach for some people.



A good thing about this figure is the base. The figure and the base are connected by a thick metal rod and they aren't coming off until you really force it. This is generally a good thing. I've had a little too many figures that simply fell off its base upon a touch. The base itself is simple and not too intrusive. This is actually a good thing especially when you are running out of space to display figures.


As for her coat, it's basically hanging on her fingers.

I am not entirely sold on her pose but I am not sure what else would be better for her. I wouldn't have liked a cute pose due to her age (50+). Therefore, this bold pose makes sense to me. Additionally, it brings out her bust more.


Finally, there is nothing special about the box. It's space-saving and does not contain any accessories or manual.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 20
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