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Genshiken Ogiue Chika by Alter

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Released in 2007, this figure is more than 10 years old now. This is a 1/8 scale figure by Alter and the figure stands at 19cm which is average in 1/8 scale.

She is Ogiue Chika (Last/first name) from Genshiken. Although she is introduced in mid season 1, she takes a major role in season 2 and onwards. Ogiue is a typical case of tsundere although, in her case, she does have valid reasons to close her mind to those around her.



For a figure that was produced in 2007, the quality is well above average. But this is not exactly top-of-line quality figure. But then, it isn't price exactly high, either. You can probably grab this real cheap on Ebay or Mandrake @ around 40 ~ 50 USD. Choose free SAL shipping and it will get to you in a month or so.

A distinguishing feature is that the figure's entire school cosplay uniform is cast-off (can be taken off). Ah, yes, she is cosplaying. She is a university student. She may look as if she is cosplaying against her will but I assure you that she volunteered to cosplay, sort of.



This is where you run into some issues. Her arms aren't really secured and can easily fall off. Additionally, her uniform is secured by plastic needle joints. This method is used universally for cast-off clothes on figures.
In my experience, though, it never works too well. It works, sort of, but it just never secures firmly. Thankfully, Alter used large joints, so in this specific case, it works. However, I've experienced cast-off figure clothes with tiny needle joints that weren't really doing anything to keep clothes shut.



Above is her glasses. They kindly included a fair in case you break one.
Me? I didn't even bother opening. I don't know what it is made of, but it is paper thin and I didn't want to risk anything. 

Once you take her uniform off and swap out arms, you now have Ogiue in a school swimsuit cosplay. Yes, she is cosplaying.



She looks fine in either outfits, so it's entirely up to you which outfit you want her to be in. Personally, I am going to put her uniform back on, mainly because I do not want to keep her uniform parts separately kept elsewhere.

My verdict on this figure is that it is worth acquiring her if you are into collecting Genshiken figures. My Genshiken collection is almost complete, so I was willing to go for her. The figure as a standalone figure would look nice with Genshiken manga books as well.
The shading is good. Cast-off parts are fairly good and her face is well sculpted. Minor details are well taken care of. I can forgive some minor painting faults for a figure that costs relatively cheap. Price / quality wise, I'd give it A+.

Finally, below is a manual that came with the box, kindly explaining what you need to do in order to change her outfit.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Alter
  • Height (cm): 18
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