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Naruto Kakashi by Megahouse

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In Naruto, Kakashi isn't exactly what you'd call a main character. But he shows up a lot throughout the entire series. He was a teacher figure at first and later on becomes a comic relief figure.

He is almost always serious although Guy seems to be able to bring out his childish side out of him. While he is not my favorite character in Naruto, you can't probably dislike him if you are a Naruto fan.


Before I begin, there are a lot of different figures for Kakashi. Megahouse alone has 4 and other companies made him as well.

This is one of very early versions by Megahouse (2010). I chose this specific figure because I wanted a standing figure. Unfortunately, the figure quality isn't very good. Especially when I compare this figure to Megahouse Tsunade (2017), the difference is day and night.


My biggest complaint is how inconsistent the paint is. Actually, that may be the ultimate issue for this figure. The painting isn't just good enough. This is certainly not the usual Megahouse quality you generally see. 

Not only does the paint appear impure, it also appears to be poorly applied. There are some glossy parts where it shouldn't be glossy and there are small bumps all over the figure.


On a positive side, this figure offers a lot of customization options which is getting rarer nowadays (2018). It comes with an additional left & right arm as well as an additional head. You can mix and match to your liking.

It also comes with Jiraiya's latest (and the last) book. This vast amount of customization option is its redeeming quality.


The base is nothing out of ordinary. It's a plain black circular block with his name on it. The figure has no balance issues, obviously due to it's stable pose.


Closing words...

Overall, I am not pleased with this figure. He is currently standing right next to Tsunade at the moment and I can clearly see the quality gap between them. It makes me frown. However, at the same time, this is the only Kakashi figure that has a standing pose and offers numerous customization options. In other words, my choice was limited to this figure only since I wanted a standing figure.

Oh, well, I do believe I've said this before: We, figure collectors, rarely get what we really want.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 22.5
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