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Swimsuit or no swimsuit

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At the moment of this writing, I now have 80+ figures and, out of those, about 60 of them are scale figures. The rest are either trading figures and non-scale figures.

And, among the scale figures I have, there are just three swimsuit figure: Tessa from Full metal panic by GSC, and two swimsuit figures from Dead or Alive by Kotobukiya.

Do I have a reason for not purchasing swimsuit figures? Yes.


My main issue with swimsuit figures is their pricing. They charge full or premium price for swimsuit figures where less effects are required for figure production and paint.

If you look at body shapes of swimsuit figures, their bodies are almost always identical. There are some exceptions here & there but majority of them appear to be sharing the same body shape which by itself is not a fault since that is Japanese’s perception of beauty.

Sculpting is much easier as well since there are no clothes and other minor items they need to add on. Painting & shading? It’s just a body with (usually) bikini. It’s just easier. Yeah, sometimes they’ve got something on them but I’d say it’s still easier to paint.

Then why am I paying the normal, if not more, price for swimsuit figures? This is my primary reason for not buying swimsuit figures. I feel as if they are simply using the male desire to make us purchase those. “Sex sells” is what they are doing.


Now, I don’t have this issue with lewd (NSFW) figures. I do have a small collection of Queen’s blade figures as well as few other NSFW figures. NSFW figures usually involve cast-off pieces which require planning and efforts. Then there is genitalia sculpting. Granted, I am not happy with majority of NSFW figures I have but those cast-off pieces aren’t easy.

Swimsuit figures feature none of those features with the same price tag. If so, I’d rather buy lewd figures.

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