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Keeping figure parts: It feels like being a mad doctor

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Yeeeeah, that's genuinely how I feel about this.

When I started collecting figures, I simply kept their original boxes with parts in. But, as my collection grew larger, I began to see what every figure collector would experience at one point: lack of storage space. I do have my basement to put more boxes in, but it's damp down there and spiders would likely somehow get into boxes and make boxes their home and whatnot.

So, I needed a solution and above is what I eventually came up with. I started to throw away boxes that I didn't feel worthy of keeping and started to gather parts in this transparent plastic box. This case is originally intended for small jewelries or so I read. It was sold as "jewelry box".

The downside of this solution was that I couldn't help feeling myself for being a mad doctor of some sort.

I mean, let us be honest here. What do you see? You see heads, arms, hands .... Then there is a bazooka (Thanks, Okita) and a mayonnaise bottle (Thanks, Hijikata). Whenever I need a figure changed, I'd open this box, pick out body parts and swap them out. If that is not what a mad doctor is, I don't know what else qualifies to be one.

Regardless, this solution works. It keeps out dust and other elements, and it keeps parts in an organized manner.

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