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Tohru Adachi

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Tohru Adachi is an antagonist in Persona 4 and his screentime wasn't much, which means it's sort of a miracle that this guy was made into a figure form. Indeed, a male sidekick with little screentime being made into a figure is very rare. He wasn't a niche character, either.

This is a 1/8 scale figure with a height of 22cm. A rather unknown company called "Contribe" made this. The box comes with an additional (insane) head and an extra hand with a cabbage in a Junes bag.

The quality of this figure is acceptable. I'd give it around B. Painting lacks any kind of shading but the paint job itself is alright. You may also find his face a little off also.

Priced at around 100USD, this figure is overall a bad value for the money. But, again, it's a miracle that he was made into a figure and I had to acquire him. You may find it hard to find him now though. The availability of this figure is not very good and it will only get worse. In addition, this figure has absolutely no chance of getting a re-run.

The base has a potential issue of its joint being broken because the plastic pole is fairly long and the figure is secured by single foot. Be very careful when you are installing the figure into the base. I think that's the most likely where you will break the joint. Once installed, never uninstall it.

Sculpting is also basic with fingers having no nails and crude hair. The only saving grace for this figure is that it's a miracle that he was made into a figure. Other than that, there is no reason to acquire him.

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