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Fate Stay Night: Archer

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This is Archer from Fate Stay Night / Hollow Ataracxia. For the record, I no longer follow Fate series because they changed it too much and have been milking it years, but those two Fate Stay game boxes I have. they are first box editions.

That's right. I was a diehard fan of Fate series back when it just came out and was relatively unknown due to a fact that they were "hentai" (adult) games. I was completely blown away by original Fate Stay night, especially Unlimited blade works arc was a sheer masterpiece.

Back then, I wasn't at all interested in collecting figures and completely missed out this figure. Thankfully, a re-run was issued about a year ago and I grabbed him without hesitation.

This figure is by Alter and is 1/8 scale. However, the height of this figure is 25cm and the figure itself is massive, making it feel like more of 1/7 figure. If you take a look at height comparison in Fate characters though, you will find that his massive size is justified in spite of it being a 1/8 figure. I will cover more on this later.

The quality of this figure is absolutely outstanding. It's heavy and securely firmly. Painting & shading is well done without any visible faults or whatsoever. The figure also offers an extra head (Emiya version), an extra left arm, as well as a bow in addition to dual daggers.

But the bow is fairly fragile and the bow string is EXTREMELY fragile. The string itself is metal but it's so thin and loosely attached to the bow that, if you aren't careful, you are going to either bend it out of shape or rip it off the bow itself, which all means you shouldn't swap out the accessories frequently. 

The arrow is glued to the hand and cannot be removed. The daggers and its handles can be detached for easier insertion into the hands.

If you are looking for Archer/Emiya, this is probably the only choice. Enterbrain has made a 1/7 scale archer but his face seems quite off and doesn't offer Emiya's face, either. While it does have a very dynamic pose, that doesn't make up for other factors this Alter figure offers.

Now, I am going to show off the game boxes along with a bonus shot with Saber. This is quite off topic for this review but fairly relevant.

Now, it's worth a mention that both are 1/8 scale figures and it is also worth a mention that the size difference is almost accurate. Saber's height is 154cm. In other words, she's tiny. Archer's height is 187cm which is well above average height of males.

Supposedly, tip of Saber's head is supposed to reach the top of two white flower-like decorations on Archer's chest. Overall though, this is close enough and the size difference is almost correct although I must add that Saber's base is a tad taller.

Finally, scroll down to enjoy some extra photos.

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